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Payroll can be a very complicated and time consuming task. It takes you away from your prime objective of managing and growing your core business. It affects your bottom line and your employee's lives. We can take on that burden and you can rest easy that all of the important and necessary filings are done accurately and on time.


  • All bookkeeping clients are required to sign up for automatic payments. The first month of services is due up front (not including per employee charges, or QuickBooks charges).

  • Per employee charges will be billed at the time we run payroll along with the payroll taxes.

  • All subsequent billing will occur the first week of the month for the services that occurred the month prior.


Package Includes:

  • Payroll processing includes payroll taxes and filing of those reports, filing workers comp reports, assisting with workers comp/general liability audits, HR service (new hire paperwork, employer manuals, etc.)

Payroll Only Bookkeeping Package

Price Options
Monthly Plan
AutoPay Monthly
$100.00every month for 12 months
Annual Plan
$200 Savings over Monthly Plan
$1,000.00every year until canceled
    • One-Time Set-Up Fee $100
    • Per Check Fee, per employee, per check
    • Expidite Payroll $100
    • Garnishment $3 per garnishment/deduction/vendor we report and/or pay
  • Affordable Tax Prep & Bookkeeping offers payment options using your credit/debit card, payment plans or your checking account (ACH).

    Please contact us at (208) 230-4059 if you wish to use our ACH option. All other payment options are available to you at checkout.

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